How Twitter Helps Track Offline Sales Impact

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A new program has been launched by Twitter for the analysis of activity of its users on the website that will help marketing advertisers know the impact of promoting tweets on the sales at their physical stores. Called as ‘Offline Sales Impact’, the new program has a capability of measuring engagement of users with tweets published by the advertiser, which is then provided to the advertisers to calculate the effect of promoting tweets.

Datalogix, a consumer data company, has partnered with Twitter to provide this capability to the micro-blogging site. With this partner, Twitter has finished testing 35 brands with multiple categories for this feature. The tests conducted in various brands provided a whopping result that promoted tweets have provided an increase of 29% in the offline sales as compared to organic tweets published on twitter. For the first phase, this service will be made available to US businesses dealing in consumer packaged-goods only.


Working of the Program

The data partner, Datalogix, takes over the task of measurement and issues a list of jumbled email-addresses along with ID numbers related. This data is verified with the accounts of users having email address listed in the data as their primary or secondary email address. When a match is found, Twitter shares the ID number for the matched account and activity related information like the clicks and views of various promotional tweets. The partner now has the access to the twitter users having activity on promoted tweets on a particular brand and verifies these details with the information of offline customers. The data is then presented to the business partner in the form of a report.

Issues with the New Program with Twitter

Twitter has admitted that there have been issues related to the offline sale analysis program providing a hole to the users’ privacy. In response to this issue, Twitter got a consulting company hired to review the process and practices for the same. The review resulted in the fact that Datalogix isn’t sending any data regarding the purchases made by individual users, instead the report created by Datalogix contains only collective anonymous data. An official from Twitter stated that the program has been created while keeping the privacy of users as their first priority that allows users access to opt out of this study anytime he/she desires to.


Benefits Targeted

An Industry Analyst, Brian Blau stated that in spite of many considerations linked to privacy, the new measurement program will help Twitter to fill out various informational holes. He further added that various platforms providing advertising services are in the need to show the statistics of their impact on the sales of the brands promoted through them to provide a healthy insight view of the advertising campaign’s health to various advertisers.

Various new methods have been employed by Twitter to help advertisers post effective ads on their website, out of which, facility to post tweets on user’s timeline was rolled out in April this year. Another step was the introduction of a program to target television ads for a revenue boost.

Twitter is in hopes for the successful promotion of its new program to provide an effective tool to the businesses.

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