Niche Blogging: Advantages and Disadvantages


When people speak about niche blogging, they are talking about blogging that is targeted for a smaller bunch of people. It is a little bit like niche TV. There are lots of people who like CSI because it goes into details about investigation. The niche version of this may be a series called “Death Note” […]

Finally Page Rank is updated – Google Page Rank update december 2013

Google Page Rank update december 2013

This is our very first article on the Page Rank so you may wounder what the heck is page rank, well there are two most famous factors which judges the website’s success and the first one is Alexa rank and the second one is Google Page Rank. We will discuss about the Page Rank in […]

Why you should not use Auto Read more in Blogger Blog ?


Auto read more script is being used in the most of the blogger templates and its makes our blog look good but you know how much time your blog taking to load the home page ? If you have a tutorial blog like every posts includes the 5 images and you have set the 7 […]

Win a Year of Hosting: WebHosting Buzz Giveaway

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Hello everybody welcome in to our very first give away and we would like to say thanks to the WebHostingBuzz for sponsoring this Giveaway! About Web Hosting Buzz: WebHostingBuzz is a company which offers the fast and reliable web hosting,reseller, hosting, vps hosting and dedicated server and their support is quick and effective!  The best […]

Cloud hosting environments help companies innovate

This is a guest post by Brain Brafton Companies switch to cloud hosting services for the security, storage room and ease of access that they offer. One area that is sometimes overlooked is cloud hosting‘s ability to foster innovation among a firm’s IT staff. Speaking at a recent workshop, David Roberts, senior director of solutions marketing at BMC, described […]

How to get more traffic to newly launched blog

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Getting Good number of page views is little bit tough when you are new in the blogging world and you have lunched your new blog.  The main reason why most of the new bloggers quit blogging is after working hard and publishing 5-6 articles they are not getting much traffic to their blog. And they […]